Khamis, 28 Oktober 2010

sorry! guyz slh ckp.. ain and the geng

mmm once upon a day im and the geng going to toilet ...and then i say with ain mm we xpayah kwn ena, ana, mira and then ena, ana, mira trdengar apa yang aq ckp so sorry guyzz       ena: norazreena ana: syazana mira : aimira...

Ahad, 10 Oktober 2010

enjoying and enjoy

hye today im eating in kari kepala ikan... it's very nice eummm yeah .. i'm so beautiful today. bla9 im enjoy eating kari kepala ikan and drinks... my drinks is longan mm nice drinks             my baby so cute.. love you baby so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first time using blog!

hye all.. im airynn nur alysha ..first time using blog .. so  exicted to  do this.. today im want to say all about my friends .. he so cute and beautiful he is my bff forever ... his name is 1. liew jia yan 2. nornatasya nazira. 3. sabrina abd ghani. 4. ain nur alya. and more..  sure : me aairynn     about: my friends